EUSci: The Edinburgh University Science Podcast
Science commentary from people who know it all (a.k.a. students). Listen to members of the Edinburgh University Science magazine discuss science stories in the news.
In the last episode of the first semester this academic year our team looks at the top science news we heard in December, an update on microbial resistance to antibiotics, and infuse this podcast with seasonal gems such as: what makes the perfect Christmas dinner? A happy new year to all of our listeners! Listen and subscribe!
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Welcome to the 102nd episode! This month we discuss the successes and setbacks of the Rosetta Mission which has reached its target of landing a probe on a comet after a 10 year journey. In a correspondence we report a recent study that has used the largest sample of its type to trace genetic links to sexuality. We also have a rundown of other top news stories as well as how many bacteria can be transferred by a ten-second kiss and whether chocolate really boosts memory!


Copyright ESA, image by AOES MedialabRosetta mission poster showing the deployment of the Philae lander to comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko.   Acknowledgment: The image of the comet was taken with the navigation camera on Rosetta (ESA/Rosetta/NavCam). Copyright ESA/ATG medialab; Comet image: ESA/Rosetta/Navcam.

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Welcome to a new episode! In Episode 101 we introduce a new team of podcasters who will take you through some of the top science news from November 2014; including an interview on Ebola's spread in Africa, two correspondance pieces on the Chemistry and Physics Noble Prizes and a look at some interesting news in our EuWhat? section. Hosted by current students Adam Cowden and Lucy Evans, with contributions from Kyle Marian Viterbo, Ciaran Morrison and Kristoffer Stewart.

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Welcome back everyone! Episode 100 of the EUSci podcast is finally here after our summer break. Tune in to find out why the vampire’s trick of sucking youth from the young might not be quite the myth you thought it was. Not only that but we also have the fastest flash ever made and how mice use urine for much more than we thought. 

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Hi everyone and welcome to episode 99 of the EUSci podcast. Stay tuned for the latest news on why Mercury is getting wrinkles in its old age and how you can hide objects from sound. If that’s not enough, we answer the age old debate about whether the “5 second rule” really applies to food dropped on the floor.

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Hi everyone, welcome to Episode 98 of the EUSci podcast. On this show we discover how slime moulds could design a new London Underground and the latest updates on the quest for a spinal paralysis cure. And if that’s not enough, find out what penguins think of the British weather.  

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Hello and welcome to all the listeners of EUSci podcast. I'm your host Alex and in this 97th episode we have for you great deal of astounding stories from the world of science. Want to hear how memory edits the past with present experiences? Interested in the latest view on black holes from Stephen Hawking? Not sure whether buying organic makes you any good? Or maybe you just want to hear about glowing fruit flies which detect cancer? Join us during this half an hour, when we explore all of these topics.

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Welcome to episode 96 of the EUSci podcast. I'm your host Dave and in this episode we'll bring you everything from the cosmic web of dark matter criss-crossing our universe to flying jellyfish. And for all the ladies out there, we have the latest hi-tech clothing invention which is likely to give you a bit of a surprise.

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Welcome to episode 95 of the EUSci podcast. In this episode, Arjan will lead us through the latest weird and wonderful scientific discoveries including personalised medicine and super-magnets as well as the latest attempts to translate dog barks into human speech. And if that’s not enough, we will also discuss the pros and cons of the big data era. 

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Hello to all EUSci-ers, and welcome to episode 94 of the pod. This week we will be debating whether the approach taken to cull badgers in Britain was scientifically valid, discussing the portrayal of chemistry and chemicals in the media, looking at the effect of obesity on taste, and how fire ants make rafts to cross troubling waters. So firstly, let's catch up with the news from the past week, let me introduce to you two new voices to the podcast; Helen and Arjan. Welcome to you both.

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